Unbaked Unfilled Puff Pastry

For over 20 years our customers have been relying on our high quality , consistent and trusted Unfilled Puff Pastry Products and excellent service, which allows them to control costs by avoiding waste and ensuring time and labour savings.

If you are looking at NPD and have a specific requirement please feel free to contact our Technical Team for advice.

Pastry Rolls

Unit size (mm) 6500 x 500 x 2.5
Weight 10kg
Case No. 1

Single puff pastry sheet

Unit size (mm) 580 x 380
Weight 680g
Case No. 16

Pastry Block

Unit size (mm) 580 x 380
Weight 5kg
Case No. 2

Pastry squares

Unit size (mm) 127 x 127
Weight 50g
Case No. 96

Pastry trellis

Unit size (mm) 180 x 120
Weight 110g
Case No. 80

Vanilla Strip

Unit size (mm) 660 x 120
Weight 470g
Case No. 40

King Size and Medium Vol-Au-Vents

Unit size (mm) 100rd
Weight 56g
Case No. 100

Puff Pastry Discs

Unit size (mm) 80rd
Weight 26g
Case No. 100

Also Available in: 5” 6” 7” 8” 9” and 11”